Friday, February 17, 2012

Enamel Accents

While today's card is similar in so many ways to the previous cards this week (Brown Sugar, punched flowers, stamped sentiment and patterned paper), I wanted to focus on Enamel Accents. The similarities on the cards this week all go to show how you can create different cards with just a few supplies. With a good range of sentiment stamps, a couple of punches, some paper and card bases, you can do quite a few cards!

Onto Enamel Accents! So far, I don't think I've used the Enamel Accents to it's full potential! Having said that, it is still one of my favourite products at the moment! I love the effect it gives when used to decorate flowers, and to doodle on projects. It's easy to use, and the white is a lovely bright white! I think on some projects it could replace your white gel pen! The black too, is lovely and vibrant. The glossy finish really gives a professional look - all while being safe to use with your projects! If you haven't used Enamel Accents yet, I encourage you to give it a go!

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