Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alphapbet Stickers

In a post earlier this week, I mentioned using alphabet stickers to add to your cards, and wanted to share a few examples.

Alphabet stickers are very versatile because you can create your own sentiment for your cards, add to an existing stamped sentiment and mix and match different kinds of stickers together. Having this kind of flexibility makes your cards even more personalised!

 For this baby shower card, I first stamped and embossed the letters to spell out 'BABY', then added the rest of the sentiment around those letters. I will do another post in the next few days on how I created this card.

This baby shower card uses alphabet stickers in a slightly different way. The front of the card says 'baby', but the concealed panel then uses alphabet stickers for the rest of the message 'for your shower'.

When I went to create this Sympathy card, I realised, somehow, I didn't have a 'With Sympathy' stamp I could use. Thankfully with the use of alphabet stickers, I was stil able to create a Sympathy card, without the stamp.

On this Anniversary card, I used alphabet stickers to help create the sentiment. I didn't have a 'Happy Anniversary' stamp I could use, but I did have a 'HAPPY' stamp, so I used that, and spelt 'Anniversary' using the stickers to complete the sentiment. Stay tuned for more details on how I created this card.

How do you use alphabet stickers on your projects?


  1. WOW - you have made some fantastic cards! I think I will think twice before I reach for a stamp next time! LOL

  2. Thanks Kelly! Glad to hear you feel a little inspired! :)