Thursday, August 4, 2011

Colours Squared!

This card didn't turn out quite how I expected it to! The picture I had in my head was very different! Like the card in my last post, I wanted to use bright, vibrant colours while still using my scraps.

To create this card I cut all my pieces of cardstock down into 1.5" squares. I put a few strips of non-permanent adhesive onto a scrap of paper, then arranged them in the order I wanted, with a gap in between each one. Once I had them arrange, I stamped the sentiment in the bottom right hand corner, then stamped the butterflies randomly on the squares.

The non-permanent adhesive is great for projects like this because the elements of your project don't move unless you want to move them!


  1. I really like this card and think it turned out really well. Think of the possibilities - pastel colours and maybe a bear stamp for babies. Bright colours and the animal or robot stamps for boys. I think you should submit this idea to Kaszazz as a Demo card - or take it one step further and add a scrapbooked page for a Card 'n page workshop!

  2. Hi Kelly!

    Those are great ideas! I didn't think to submit it as a project to Kaszazz! Everyone else who has seen this card has said they like it! Apparently I'm in the minority! Haha! But maybe that's because it wasn't exactly what I had in mind! We are our own worst critics! Thanks for the comments and the ideas!

  3. I think this card looks great! You could theme it In lots of different ways deendingvon the colours you use. I agree that you could use it for babies, but what about Autumn colours, or grungy? Use a different stamp and you have a completely different feel.

  4. Hi Ingrid!

    Yes, that's totally true! I'll have to give those idea a try! It's amazing how other people think of things that sometimes we don't think of ourselves! Just another wonderful benefit of sharing ideas!

    Thanks for commenting! :)