Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's Celebrate!

A young couple we know have recently announced their engagement. To help them celebrate, I made these Congratulations cards.

The Eclectic Alphabet stamp set makes another appearance on this card! I love how big the letters are, but also how adaptable they are, depending on the colour you stamp them in, and the papers and cardstock you team them with! So versatile!

As the letter are so big, I couldn't spell out 'congratulations', but instead went with 'congrats'. Each letter is stamped in black, then fussy cut. For most parts, I used a pair of scissors, but for the trickier parts, I used the retractable knife - what a wonderful tool! The background is simple (Ebony and Ivory paper on a black cardstock matt) because the letters in the foreground are so busy. I wanted the letters to stand out, and not drown in a busy background.

The red and black heart is from some old paper I had in my stash, and went perfectly with the theme of this card. It added some colour, and filled in the space after the 's'.

For this card, I wanted something a little simpler. Flowers are so simple, but yet so complex at the same time! For this card I used Colorbox Chalk Ink for a nice finish. The taller flowers symbolise the newly engaged couple. The card has a calming sort of feel to it, especially at this hectic time for a young couple.

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