Saturday, August 6, 2011

Product Review: Clevercut Mini

I've had my sights on this trimmer for a while, and finally decided to order myself one! I'd heard lots of good things about it and decided I needed to try it out myself!

These are my thoughts on the Clevercut Mini:

  • It's light!
    If you're after a sturdy trimmer for your desktop, this might not be one that you're after.
    I like the lighter weight as it means it'll be easier to carry when I'm creating on the go. A lighter trimmer means more weight for other essentials!
    This trimmer is noticeably lighter than the previous pink Cutterpede trimmers - when I got it out of the box, it's the first thing I noticed!
  • It has three different cutting options in the one cartridge!
    I really liked this feature, and was one of the reasons I wanted this trimmer - it's a three-in-one.
    The wave is small, as is the perforation cut, but I like it! The perforations are noticeable, but not so obvious that your cardstock is falling apart. I think this blade will come in very handy for invitations or other projects that require someone else to 'tear off' a portion.
    As a bonus, to change the blades is very easy. There's no need to take the whole cartridge out - you just flick a little switch on the side of the cartridge and you're done!
  • The arm has no elbow!
    So it doesn't bend. Again, some might think this is a negative aspect, but I like it. I have heard a lot of people complain that the arm on their Cutterpede trimmer has broken at the elbow. Let's face it, it's one of those things that's bound to happen. For that reason, I like that the Clevercut arm has no elbow! It also feels very smooth - the arm extends with ease.
  • It stays together!
    Whenever I pick up my Cutterpede, the cutting arm usually swings up, and it looks awkward. If I remember to pick it up properly, this doesn't happen, but sometimes, especially if I'm out and about, and packing up, I'll just grab it by the base and there goes the cutting arm! The Clevercut doesn't do this. You need to slide your paper under the little plastic guard. While I like that it's a little more secure, I'm not sure I like that I need to slide my paper under the guard. If I wanted to cut more than one piece at a time, I'd be scared that the pages would move. Having said that, perhaps I need to play around with it a bit more! This guard should also hold the paper in place, so I shouldn't need to.
  • It's sleek!
    Or at least as sleek as trimmers get! It's got a very neat little look to it! And let's be honest - we want our stuff to look good!
As my new trimmer only arrived yesterday afternoon, I haven't had a proper chance to play with it yet. These are just my initial observations. I still have my Cutterpede trimmers and unless they break, can't see myself getting rid of them just yet. The Clevercut will be my personal trimmer (unless I need an extra one for a workshop), so I'll have plenty of time to get lots of use out of it! I have a guillotine on my desk, but I love having a personal trimmer beside me as work as it's a lot easier to use, especially for smaller bits of paper.

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